Tutorial How To Play Poker For Beginners!

To provide a poker game for beginners like you who are new to poker games is certainly not a difficult thing. On various websites has been available how to play the poker card game is outlined clearly and thoroughly. Even Poker uang asli rejekinomplok  has given way to win a powerful poker play. However we will give you back tutorials on how to play poker for you beginners.

To be able to play poker card games, is not a difficult thing. Why? because the game is easy one-easy. As the outsiders once said “easy to learn, hard to master”. Yep, easy to understand, but hard to become a champion. Here’s how to play poker for a beginner that is useful when playing poker later.

Poker Card Level
To understand the level of the poker card is not too make you dizzy seven around. Because the highest to lowest card determination has been determined long ago. So how to win poker only determined by the arrangement of cards.

Here are the poker card levels ranging from the largest to the smallest:

So, you just match the card you get with the card earned by the bookie. The higher the combination of the card, of course you will win against other players at the poker card game table.

Tutorial How To Play Poker uang asli website For Beginners
As already discussed above, you are just matching the cards in your hand with the distorted ones in the can by the bookie.

For example, if the city has 5 cards, that is K, J, 10, 7, and 5. You have a J and A card. You have a two-pair card combination, because you have a J card and the dealer has a J card. your opponent has a Q card and 9, you lose. Because based on the existing level, Two Pair will lose with Straight Card combination.

How? Easy enough is not it? “Easy to learn, hard to play”. Then how to win poker play at the gambling table?

How to Win a Powerful Main Poker
In a previous article, Pokermagz has been sharing how to play online poker to win. You just open the link above and find the secret that has been opened by Pokermagz for you to win in the game poker card.

For those of you who are still looking for how to play poker for beginners, articles that have been shared is very easy to understand by you who just play poker. All discussed thoroughly and briefly in order to facilitate your readers and players to get an absolute victory.

By following the steps outlined by Pokermagz hopefully can be absorbed well and can make you win in various poker card games. Please practice how to play poker for beginners at a trusted online poker agency.

Hydrogen Mobility 2018 Asian Games Open New Opportunities

The Provincial Government of South Sumatra will work with British company Ecubes Arcola to present the Zero Emission Mobility Program to provide an environmentally friendly carbon energy infrastructure for the 2018 Asian Games.

Regent of Musi Banyuasin (Muba), Dodi Reza said that the hydrogen energy project is the first cooperation done by Indonesia.

According to him, through a ground breaking agreement at the COP 23 meeting in Bonn, Germany, the South Sumatra Government will work together for the next 25 years for the Zero Emissions Mobility Program.

“To realize the vision of clean energy and economic growth, we must successfully apply the new energy concept involving high penetration of renewable energy,” he said on Sunday (26/11/2017).

He is optimistic that the cooperation will work well. Because, now Ecubes Arcola has also collaborated with a number of leading universities from England to encourage hydrogen energy status as a supporter of the world’s energy infrastructure of the future.

According to him, hydrogen energy is considered to be an opportunity for industry to be developed further, especially for energy and transportation sector.

“This approach is the key to the success and implementation of this program and hopefully this can be a benchmark for future success,” he said.

Provincial Government of South Sumatra since July 2016 has made cooperation with Ecuber Arcola as a pioneer of conceptual design and infrastructure in power plant development projects.

As an illustration, Ecuber Arcola is a clean and green energy infrastructure company based in London, England, and has a focus on delivering and introducing protek and cross-sectoral infrastructure through hydrogen technology.

Foreign Invisers Must Use Visa to Asian Games 2018

Although ready to succeed the implementation of Asian Games 2018 which will be held in Jakarta Palembang Directorate General (DG) Immigration remain vigilant.

To that end, the Immigration DG will apply the obligation to have visas for foreign journalists who will cover the Asian Games Indonesia. The visa approval mechanism for journalists / journalists must go through TEKA KORA with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu) as its leading sector.

“It is not enough just for accreditation for foreign journalists issued by the Asian Games (INASGOC) committee to be able to enter Indonesia.They who come in the Asian Games 2018 series must have a visa, the rules stipulated by the government must be obeyed,” said the Head of Sub Directorate of Immigration Check , Hongky Juanda at the 2018 Asian Games Media Forum at Century Park Hotel, Monday (27/11/2017).

Hongky ensures the obligation to have visa not burden foreign journalists. “The visa is not burdensome because it is given at a cost of Rp 0, – based on the Minister of Manpower’s decree on the approval of the imposition of a tariff of Rp.00 (zero rupiah) or US $ 0.00 (zero US dollar) for foreign journalists covering the Asian Games 2018.

With their records should be included in the Accreditation given by their National Olympic Committee (NOC). Just stay apply to the Embassy of Indonesia in their respective countries, “he said.

Implementation of visas in accordance with the Indonesian selective immigration policy, Hongky said, in an effort to keep things undesirable.
“We apply the rule in an effort to anticipate the entry with a” certain “purpose outside the interests of the 2018 Asian Games,” he said.

In an effort to facilitate the entry of Asian Games 2018 participants to Indonesia, Hongky explained, it will prepare a special lane for those who enter from four airports.

Namely, Soekarno-Hatta Airport (Banten), Halim Perdana Kusuma (Jakarta), Husein Sastranegara (Bandung), and Sultan Machmud Badaruddin II (Palembang).

“In principle we are ready to succeed the Asian Games 2018,” he said.

Study: Higher Carbon Forests Support More Endangered Mammals Life

The carbon-rich tropical forests, known as the most undisturbed habitats, seem to be the ideal ‘fortress’ for sensitive and threatened animals, especially compared to low carbon regions such as timber plantations and oil palm plantations.

Until recently, data-based conclusions linking high levels of carbon and biodiversity became an elusive concept.

“Scientists have been trying to connect carbon with biodiversity for several years, but with varying success,” said Nicolas Deere, an ecologist at the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, the University of Kent in England, in an interview.

Deere’s latest research and colleagues reveal, high carbon-tropical forests support more biodiversity than low carbon. These findings reinforce the case of using carbon assessments to identify forests important for conservation in a number of areas. The team published their research last November 6 in the Journal of Applied Ecology.

The research team selected small parts of the forest and plantations that form the Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystems (SAFE) area, the project area in southern Sabah, Kalimantan, Malaysia.

To demonstrate the relationship between carbon and biodiversity levels, they use high-resolution satellite data in determining high carbon areas. The team also used surveillance cameras to record species in different habitats.

Previous studies have often seen more rough data sets, where carbon values in larger areas may indicate different qualities of forests.

In places like Sabah, where humans have altered most of the landscape, the remnants of relatively pure forests may be adjacent to farming or oil palm plantations.


When averaged over a large area, Deere said, the carbon value of the fragment would be dragged down by the agricultural area of seki

Similarly, studies that look at nhayati diversity on a wider scale than data collected with surveillance cameras often miss the overall impact that forest quality can have on the diversity of species in an area.

He for example, the existence of animals that survive in oil palm plantations can give the impression that the area is still inhabited by various species. The real condition of this ‘tolerant species of disorder’ is actually blurring reality.

Deere and the team combine high and low carbon data with surveillance cameras from forests and oil palm plantations. While low-resolution data do not yield a corresponding result, smaller-scale data suggest a high carbon region supports more species of medium and large mammals that are threatened with extinction.

Help Indentify in Palm Garden

Grant Rosoman, Greenpeace’s global forestry advisory advisor – did not take part in the study – saying the findings support the use of the High Carbon Stock approach. This tool can help identify conservation areas based on certification schemes as they are now considered to be included in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) criteria.

“This is very important because it means identifying forests through the HCS approach or similar assessments to prevent deforestation while protecting biodiversity,” Rosoman said in an e-mail. “It will have a major impact to quickly and efficiently identify tropical forest areas that are the priority of biodiversity and carbon protection.”

He added that the real linkage between carbon and biodiversity could increase the value of carbon-rich forests for this “additional biodiversity benefit” under ecosystem preservation programs such as REDD +.

REDD + (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) aims to compensate developing countries to maintain forests that stand on their territory.

At the same time, Rosoman said the unanswered question is, “the impact of HCS forest cut forms, connectivity and landscape configuration of biodiversity.”

In other words, how does biodiversity respond to an increasingly fragmented habitat into smaller pieces due to human activities?

“I can not stress the warning of fragmentation enough with the current study,” Deere said. “We have provided the first validation of the HCS approach,” he said.

Now, Deere says, further research needs to look at how landscape fragmentation affects biodiversity and what is needed for “one ecologically functioning forest network in this plantation landscape.”