Hydrogen Mobility 2018 Asian Games Open New Opportunities

The Provincial Government of South Sumatra will work with British company Ecubes Arcola to present the Zero Emission Mobility Program to provide an environmentally friendly carbon energy infrastructure for the 2018 Asian Games.

Regent of Musi Banyuasin (Muba), Dodi Reza said that the hydrogen energy project is the first cooperation done by Indonesia.

According to him, through a ground breaking agreement at the COP 23 meeting in Bonn, Germany, the South Sumatra Government will work together for the next 25 years for the Zero Emissions Mobility Program.

“To realize the vision of clean energy and economic growth, we must successfully apply the new energy concept involving high penetration of renewable energy,” he said on Sunday (26/11/2017).

He is optimistic that the cooperation will work well. Because, now Ecubes Arcola has also collaborated with a number of leading universities from England to encourage hydrogen energy status as a supporter of the world’s energy infrastructure of the future.

According to him, hydrogen energy is considered to be an opportunity for industry to be developed further, especially for energy and transportation sector.

“This approach is the key to the success and implementation of this program and hopefully this can be a benchmark for future success,” he said.

Provincial Government of South Sumatra since July 2016 has made cooperation with Ecuber Arcola as a pioneer of conceptual design and infrastructure in power plant development projects.

As an illustration, Ecuber Arcola is a clean and green energy infrastructure company based in London, England, and has a focus on delivering and introducing protek and cross-sectoral infrastructure through hydrogen technology.

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